Myofascial Release Therapy

Myofacial release

Myofascial Release Therapy

Thought by John F. Barnes = Myofascial Release Approach

Our muscles, bones and organs are surrounded, cushioned and supported with Myofascial tissue. This tissue holds everything in our body together and is running like an endless web through us. (For a better understanding take a piece of an orange. Without the connective tissue you would have just the juicy flesh.) If you pull on one side of the web, this will affect the whole web, like on a knitted sweater. When you pull too much and too long it starts to glue the fibers together and the fluid cannot flow through this area. This can cause tension, adhesion, restricted motion and pain everywhere in the body.

As a therapist, I will apply a gentle traction and sustained pressure on the restricted fascia. I will also include movement therapy such as exercise and self-stretching.

For this Therapy it is necessary to treat the skin directly without any lubricant. To be well prepared for your MFR session, please don’t wear any cream or lotions. Men can wear light shorts or a swimsuit and women, a bikini, or shorts and sports bra or loose shirt.


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