Movement Therapy

Posture Therapy

Movement Therapy

Poor Posture = Poor Health

Poor Posture can be the high price we pay for the lives we lead in our civilization. We sit too long at our desks, in school, at the computer, in front of the television, and in the car. Everything has been made too easy for us. We have the ease of drive up windows for most anything we want. We have internet shops. But, our bodies are screaming. Our bodies were made for movement.

Everything in our body is connected. If we have poor posture, it is not just our visual effect that we portray to the world, but it also can affect our inner organs. For instance, if our shoulders roll (hang) forward then we will have pressure on our chests, our lungs, heart and digestive system. This can be the catalyst that spirals our bodies down into the pit of unhealthiness.

With Movement Therapy one can enhance his/her postural and movement awareness. Exercise, Stretching and Massage will improve ones mobility, energy level, their health and their lives.

If you have good posture you can still benefit from Movement Therapy. When we feel good and have excellent mobility we increase our activity in our daily lives and, in turn, it helps to prevent problems later on.


Margit Schmid