Joplin Massage Therapy in Motion

Massage Therapy The human body is meant to flow with the same ease as babies do, but yet we find ourselves stiff and hunched over. Why do we do this? Mostly, it is because we are a working society. We focus on work, work, work, whether that work is in a office, or construction, or caring for others. It is all work, and as we continue the pace, stress becomes a part of us.

We casually refer to the stress in our lives, defining it as being our response to life’s daily challenges. As the stress builds, most of us allow it to manifest itself in our body. We hunch our shoulders up around our necks, we hunker down over our desks, and we struggle with our posture, letting our shoulders roll forward as if to protect ourselves. When one part of the body is not functioning correctly, then all parts of the body are affected, including our organs. Why wait until the damage is done?

If you are healthy, then those who depend on you will also benefit. Caring for yourself is not a selfish act, but when you are well you can better care for others. We are all reminded when boarding a plane that if the oxygen masks come down during flight, that we must put ours on first, and then help others around you.

At Joplin Massage Therapy in Motion I am dedicated to helping you find your balance and freeing your body to move more gracefully through each day. Could it be you are searching for relaxation and stress reduction? Maybe some relief of muscle tension and stiffness, or greater range of motion and joint flexibility. Do you want to strengthen your body, develop a better posture, or revamp your self-image? Or, your blood and lymph circulation may need stimulated. Be proactive and take the wellness path. You have just this body in your life!

Now is the time to take care of you and I am here to assist you with any of these needs. Contact me today to get started!